With Copia, businesses can reduce waste, save money, and feed those most in need.

How Copia Works

Food waste and hunger are inextricably linked issues, and Copia is the first to develop an end-to-end solution that addresses both.
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Use Copia’s app to schedule pickups of your surplus food. We provide all the tools to efficiently prepare and package your meals like a pro.

Food hero delivering food to nonprofit


Rely on a Copia driver to pick up your excess food and deliver it with dignity to a local nonprofit recipient.

Nonprofit recipients eating food


Track surplus trends, make better buying decisions, and access tax deductions through your Copia dashboard.

Why should my business invest in Copia?

App & Algorithm

Copia recovers 100% of your surplus food. Our waste tracking software provides valuable data to track surplus trends in real-time along with predictive analytics to empower better purchasing and production decisions.

Data & Analytics

Track your surplus trends in real time to make data-informed decisions that will help your teams reduce production and purchasing costs.

Seamless Tax Deductions

Copia tracks the value of each donation and digitally stores signed donation receipts for an audit-proof tax deduction. Our customers benefit from automated access to tens of thousands to tens of millions of dollars in tax savings.

Custom Marketing Materials

Copia’s in-house marketing team creates press-ready content to help your business share its food recovery and waste diversion success.

Reliability & Protection

Professional drivers arrive on-schedule to pick up and safely deliver your excess food to a local nonprofit within an hour (current avg. 26 minutes).

Copia provides industry-leading protection shielding you from liability. Your food is safely picked up and delivered within an hour (covered by our $5MM insurance policy) to a vast network of vetted nonprofits who sign a Hold Harmless Indemnity Agreement.


The USDA & EPA announced a first ever national food waste reduction goal, calling for a 50% decrease by 2030. New statewide and local legislation imposes massive fines on businesses that throw away excess edible food. By working with Copia, you’re ahead of the curve and fully compliant with mandatory food waste regulations.

My business can save what?!







Drag the slider to see how much your business could save.

  • Zero risk. Zero liability.

  • We’ve got you covered. Copia provides industry-leading safety and liability protection.

  • Liability Protection. All nonprofit recipients sign a Hold Harmless Indemnity Agreement upon sign-up, shielding you from all liability. Copia carries a $5MM Umbrella Insurance Policy. Federal Law: the Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Act shields your business from any liability provided the food is given in good faith. State Laws: state laws like the Russell Bill in California and the Good Faith Donor Act in Texas specifically limit liability and provide protection to your business / organization when giving food to a nonprofit.

  • Safety Protection. Copia and its partner drivers complete food safety training and undergo background screenings. Copia provides specially designed bags for customers to package their food in order to avoid spillage and maintain clean and safe distribution. Copia’s matching algorithm ensures the food is quickly delivered to local nonprofit recipients. Copia and its partners provide safety guidelines and run quality control throughout the recovery process.

  • Federal & State laws, along with Copia’s industry-leading practices, protect you from civil and criminal liability when donating excess food.

Zero food waste. Zero liability. Zero hassle. Thousands in savings.

Sound like a no brainer?