Your excess food is worth thousands. Why are you throwing it away?

How It Works

A real-time excess food management solution for organizations of all sizes.
Woman requesting a pickup


Use our iOS app or website to schedule pickups of your surplus food. Prepare and package food for a seamless food recovery experience!

Food hero delivering food to nonprofit


Rely on Copia’s Food Heroes (certified food handlers) to recover your surplus food and safely deliver it to local nonprofits in need.

Nonprofit recipients eating food


You can track surplus trends, make better buying decisions, and access tax deductions, as well as receive photos and testimonials from the people you fed!

So, what does Copia bring to the table?

App & Algorithm

Pre-schedule food pickups at your convenience, have your food quickly matched to nonprofits in need, and track the delivery of your food.

Track your driver’s location, arrival, and where the food is being delivered.

Data & Dashboard

Manage your surplus, see your savings, and leverage your data to reduce waste and costs in real-time.

Seamless Tax Deductions

Minimize the headache and maximize the savings.

Access all the documentation you need to save thousands, such as digitally-signed verifications of all your completed donations.

Copia Certification

Become a step closer to being a Copia Certified business with every donation.

Similar to LEED Certification, our certification publically declares your commitment to food waste reduction and shows your dedication to a more sustainable world.

Bolster Your Image

Share your food recovery and waste diversion success with internal and external stakeholders. Customers and employees dig this too!

Customers can take pride in knowing that their vendor is taking action within the local community, your employees can also engage through community outreach opportunities by joining us for a food run and becoming part of the magic, and you can see the impact you’ve made with testimonials and photos from the recipients of your delicious food.


Rest easy knowing that your food is never wasted. We’re all about feeding mouths, not landfills. That's why we’ve never wasted a single pound of food.

We have a 100% pickup guarantee or your money back!

Customer Service

Provide anonymous feedback to help us make every food recovery a 5-star experience.

Hold up! What’s this going to cost me?

We charge a volume-based fee, similar to composting, but instead of feeding worms, we feed people.
Event with too much food

One-time deal?

We got you! Request a pickup of your surplus food through our platform in seconds.

Calendar with a lot of events

Happens a lot?

When you give more food, we reward you with discounted pricing. And like Costco, buying in bulk saves you more and feeds more people!

We get you money you would have otherwise left on the table, or worse...
in the trash.
Team planning how to reduce waste and increase savings

Data Good, Waste Bad

Knowledge at your fingertips. See food trends and get real-time alerts that help you order, buy, and plan like a boss.

Tax Write-off, Right On

Thanks to Uncle Sam, you’ll get $1 back for every pound donated.

My business can save what?!







Drag the slider to see how much your business could save.

  • Zero risk. Zero liability.

  • We've structured a process that’s safe and protects you from liability for your food donations:

  • Federal Protection: The Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Act provides you with federal protection from liability when donating food. Fun fact: No legal claims have been filed against any organization or individual that donated food in good faith since Congress passed the law in 1996.

  • Contractual Protection: All nonprofits sign a hold harmless indemnity agreement prior to receiving food from Copia.

  • Insurance Coverage: Each donation and delivery is protected by our $5MM insurance policy.

  • Top Safety Standards: Our Food Heroes are professionally trained, ServSafe certified food handlers

  • Matching Algorithm: Ensures that our Food Heroes are taking the best route to uphold food safety and efficiency every time.

Zero food waste. Zero liability. Zero hassle. Thousands in savings.

Sound like a no-brainer? ‘Cause it is.