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Copia helps us track our surplus better and in just 6 months, we were able to reduce over-production by 50%! Beyond doing the right thing for our local community, partnering with Copia makes clear business sense. —Chris Young, Executive Chef

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I am excited that Thumbtack is partnering with Copia to alleviate food waste in San Francisco and ensure that our surplus food will go to those in need. I love that Copia is using technology to solve the complicated logistics of food recovery and I believe that tech companies like us (Thumbtack) have an obligation to support businesses like Copia so they can expand and have an even bigger impact in the world. —April Word, Executive Chef

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We had a food recovery partner in the past, but Copia brings a different level of value and professionalism. With Copia, we can access tax deductions and really promote our sustainability and environmental commitment to customers. —Matt Seriff-Cullick, Director of Culinary Operations

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The Bon Appetit team loves when Copia drivers arrive. We feel proud knowing that our surplus is feeding the community and no food is being wasted in our kitchen. Copia’s partnership is amazing, and is great for employee retention and morale. —Matt Hayes, Cafe Chef

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Working with Copia is a no-brainer. —Michael Masserman, Senior Director of Federal & International Government Relations

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At our weekly meetings, we present Copia's waste tracking data to our general managers and executive chefs. We have seen a significant reduction in overproduction and a more attentive staff in regards to waste since we have started working with you all at Copia. We appreciate the help!! —Samantha Lubow, Environment Initiatives Coordinator

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Copia's analytics help us better track surplus and enhance the team's efforts around waste reduction. Our staff is very proud to know that none of the food we produce goes to waste any longer. Copia drivers are picking up our surplus food 365 days/yr. and the reports they provide creates a great connection with our local community. —Ashley Copley, Food Services Manager Stanford Health Care/Sodexo

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