There’s more than enough.

We recover and redistribute high-quality food for the people we serve. We give food with dignity.

Okay world hunger, the jig is up! We’ve been told that hunger is a scarcity problem. The truth is: We have more than enough. The real problem? We couldn’t deliver it to those who need it. Until now.

Copia makes food more accessible to people in our community by redistributing surplus food to feed people in need. By reducing food waste, we save money and resources, minimize environmental impacts, and most importantly, move towards a world where everyone has enough to eat.

Let’s end world hunger. It’s not if. It’s when.

The Team

Picture of Komal Ahmad
Komal Ahmad
Founder & CEO
Picture of Mike Goldblatt
Mike Goldblatt
Chief Operating Officer
Picture of Aaron Aguirre
Aaron Aguirre
Head of Operations
Picture of Kevin Jung
Kevin Jung
Software Engineer
Picture of Fernando Delgado
Fernando Delgado
Software Engineer
Picture of Charlie Barre
Charlie Barre
Head of Growth
Picture of Jenny Khut
Jenny Khut
Visual & UX Designer
Nathaniel Powers
Nathaniel Powers
Software Engineer
Mackenzie Bligh
Mackenzie Bligh
Software Engineer
Hayley Seed
Hayley Seed
Head of Sales

The Advisors

Brano Perkovich
Chief Investment Officer - 49ers
David Pottruck
Former CEO of Charles Schwab & Intel Board of Directors
Eric West
Ops - Google Shopping Express / AT Kearney
Freida Pinto
Actress / Humanitarian
Jacob Shea
Partner at Structure Capital
Laurence Mittelbronn
Senior Director - Sodexo / Accor
Lesa Mitchell
Managing Director TechStars / VP at Kauffman
Tristram Stuart
Global Food Waste Expert
Vishwa Chandra
Partner - McKinsey / AT Kearney / VP - Instacart

Let’s unlock the value of your surplus food.

Start Saving