Americans waste 3X more food than there are hungry mouths to feed

Hunger isn't a scarcity problem

Want proof? Every single day, Americans waste enough food to fill a 90,000 seat football stadium to the brim. We're talking perfectly edible, untouched food that goes directly to the landfill.

Meanwhile, one in six Americans is food insecure, meaning they don't know how and when they will obtain their next meal.

This nets out to a baffling disparity: Americans waste 3X more food than there are hungry mouths to feed.

Hunger is a logistics problem. There isn't a lack of food, rather an ineffective redistribution of excess food

You say: Wait a minute. We live in a tech-enabled world where logistics issues are practically obsolete. Why are we still tolerating such a contradictory equation?

We say: Excellent question. Let's solve it.

Copia is connecting those with excess food to the people who need it the most

We're building technology to make hunger and food waste things of the past. Our end-to-end service works in real-time to connect businesses with surplus food to those who need it right now, all while helping businesses understand and reduce their food waste and positively impacting their bottom line.

We're relentless in our drive to make hunger history & we know together we can make it happen

We're constantly evolving our technology to improve the fluidity of food redistribution and help businesses reduce their food waste. We know that solving hunger doesn't start or end with us, so we're building durable relationships with like-minded businesses and partners to help us get there faster.

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